Mumbai Street Food: The Best Things To Eat

Mumbai road food is however energizing as it very well might be heavenly.

Besides the fact that you get an opportunity to taste a few inconceivably tasty mixes of fixings, however remaining along the muggy roads of Mumbai, watching endless individuals go by, is important for what adds to your experience.

In this blog entry, I will impart to you the best Mumbai road food sources and furthermore where to eat them.

Vada Pav

On the off chance that you go for a stroll down any road in Mumbai, you will undoubtedly immediately run over vada pav, one of Mumbai’s most well-known and generally accessible road food snacks.

Likewise alluded to as the Mumbai veggie lover burger, vada pav comprises a flavored crushed potato blend, which is rotisserie into a patty, stuffed into a white soft bun, and embellished with a wide range of chutneys and flavors for preparation.

In spite of the fact that it sounds rather straightforward, and it will be, it’s one of the most prominent tasting vegan burgers you’ll probably at any point eat. The chutney has a significant effect. And furthermore, don’t miss those seared chilies as an afterthought to provide you with a kick of intensity and flavor.


Another Mumbai road food you’ll regularly find all through the city, particularly along the bustling sea shores like Girgaum Chowpatty and Juhu, is bhelpuri. Despite the fact that it’s normal around India now with numerous varieties, bhelpuri is one of the local Indian snacks from Mumbai.

The essential recipe incorporates puffed rice and sev, which are combined as one with potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and again an assortment of chutney, and it’s frequently finished off with a modest bunch of cleaved cilantro.

The outcome is a crunchy tidbit that is tart, zesty, and sweet from every one of the sauces, with a great equilibrium of flavor. It’s the kind of Mumbai road food that once you begin eating, you can’t stop.

Sev Puri

Chaat is a word that is utilized to depict a gigantic assortment of for the most part flavorful snacks in India, and that wouldn’t shock me the slightest bit assuming that there was a large number of various sorts of chaat. I’ve eaten a couple of them, and one of my undisputed top choices so far is Mumbai sev puri.

Sev puri starts with a level puri, which is basically a little round chip, finished off with pureed potatoes, onions, cilantro, sev, and a triplet of garlic, tamarind, and stew sauces to provide it with an inconceivable equilibrium of flavor. At long last, sev puri is finished off with a small bunch of sev, as the name proposes, and furthermore sprinkled with small amounts of green harsh mango.

Take a full nibble of sev puri, and the flavor blast will overpower your mouth and it might simply end up being one of your number one Mumbai road food snacks too.

Pav Bhaji

I had my most memorable taste of pav bhaji a long time back in Kolkata, however when I posted about that, I got many messages from individuals letting me know I expected to attempt Mumbai pav bhaji. Thus at last on my excursion to Mumbai with Star Alliance, I made it out to Juhu Beach one day, and the principal thing I set out toward was pav bhaji (and there are around 20 spots to eat pav bhaji in the food part of Juhu Beach, perhaps more).

Pav bhaji has an intriguing history, and it was initially a late-night food that was made for laborers from extras. A blend of vegetables was crushed up, blended in with flavors, and presented with bread.

Today, the normal recipe incorporates potatoes and tomatoes, pounded up with flavors, and presented with buttered toasted bread to wipe everything up. It’s basic and delectable, and it’s road food you can’t leave Mumbai easily.

Kebabs and Rolls

On this rundown of top Mumbai road food you’ll track down a ton of vegan food (and I end up thinking some about the world’s best veggie lover food in India), yet kebabs and rolls are without a doubt non-veg.

Mumbai has various incredible cafés that serve tasty kebabs and rolls, and one of my undisputed top choices is the Mumbai bhuna rolls. Bhuna rolls are made with boneless chicken which is cooked in a flavor-filled sauce, and wrapped inside a newly cooked rumali roti, which is a slender roti that is basically the same as a tortilla.

A bhuna roll is an ideal late-night bite that you need to eat at around 3 am in the first part of the day and have a great outlook on it.


This isn’t exactly a food, however, I needed to remember it for this rundown in light of its significance and predominance in the road food field in India. Chai isn’t simply some tea, however, a hot and calming blend offers an opportunity to take a rest from the tumultuous roads of the city, to gradually taste and appreciate.

Despite the fact that it’s not served in earth cups like in Kolkata, chai in Mumbai is comparably delightful and ubiquitous. The tea is normally blended in areas of strength for very, enhanced with a lot of velvety milk, and prepared with cardamom, masala, or ginger to provide it with an additional kick of flavor and zest.

Drinking cups of hot chai on the road is one of the delights of visiting India.

Pani Puri

It takes a serious road food virtuoso to concoct something like pani puri; Who might remember to add enhanced water to a round chip that gets saturated?

I’m here to tell you, that it functions admirably, and it’s a flat-out shocker of Indian road food.

The little puris are punched with a hole, half loaded down with potatoes and chickpeas, prepared with flavors, and loaded up with chutney and enhanced water. When the seller hands you one, you must eat it on spot promptly so the puri remains crunchy, and the zest-filled water will implode in your mouth with the potatoes and chickpeas.

Pani puri is simply something superb to eat. Nonetheless, since it contains water, do be wary of where you eat it.

Bombay Duck Fry

Despite the fact that Bombay duck is likewise served at indoor eateries and neighborhood spots in Mumbai, I needed to remember it for this food list since it’s a most loved food in Mumbai. In spite of the fact that it’s called Bombay duck (or bombil), it’s not actually ducked by any stretch of the imagination, however, it’s a sort of lizardfish.

The lizardfish is covered in a layer of semolina, then, at that point, southern style to a fresh. The outcome is a firm external edge and the fish stays smooth and sleek within. Bombay duck is a phenomenal dish to eat in Mumbai, and it goes especially great with a full thali dinner that incorporates rice, chapati, and different side curries to upgrade everything.

At the point when I visited Mumbai, Bombay duck was one of the food varieties I was generally anticipating eating, and it was entirely fulfilling with each nibble.

Mumbai Sandwich (Bombay Sandwich)

Assuming you’re like me, a sandwich isn’t the main thing that would come to see any problems while you’re contemplating Indian food. In any case, with regards to Mumbai road food, a neighborhood most loved is the Bombay sandwich, and you’ll find food sellers all over occupied pieces of the city preparing barbecued sandwiches with mastery.

Normally the sandwiches are vegan, and they all start with two or three cuts of white bread that are buttered on one or the other side. Then, at that point, it goes a blend of cilantro and mint chutney, with slender cuts of vegetables that can incorporate beetroot, onion, cucumber, tomato, and a layer of masala potatoes, trailed by destroyed cheddar and a sprinkle of bean stew and cumin.

I figure the most effective way to partake in your Mumbai sandwich is to arrange it toasted, so you get it hot and new, and firm on the edges. Remember to dunk your road food sandwich in more chutney prior to taking a nibble!


In spite of the fact that dosas are initially from South India since Mumbai is a particular mixture of India, the dosa is likewise an extremely normal road food in Mumbai.

A dosa is produced using a hitter of rice and urad bean flour which is daintily matured and afterward broiled on a hot roundabout plate in a slim crepe-like shape. When it’s brilliant and fresh on the base, quite a few fillings can be added to the middle. The customary rendition is the masala dosa, where masala potatoes are added to the dosa, and it’s presented with sambar and coconut chutney as an afterthought.

Be that as it may, in Mumbai you’ll discover a few combinations and exceptionally imaginative kinds of dosas too, where both Indian and Chinese dishes are presented with the dosa, and they function admirably.