How can Silk Help your Night’s Sleep?

How can Silk Help your Night’s Sleep?

Have you ever thought about how silk can aid you in getting better rest and how your diet could influence your sleep, and the ways that Feng Shui can put your mind at ease, keep on our blog throughout the next few weeks? We’ll feature a variety of experts giving tips on how you can minimize disruption to your sleep routine and help you de-stress so you get the best sleeping experience possible. This week we’re focusing on the health benefits we get from our selection of silk products. Whether it’s bedding, cushions, or even clothing for the night, there are multiple reasons to invest in silk.


Having protective silk underwear will always have benefits over regular cotton underwear, silk won’t ever cause any unpleasant feeling down there or any type of irritation.

Silk always feels amazing against your skin, however, experts have evidence that suggests it may also aid in preventing getting older. The material is composed of natural protein, as well as a number of all-important amino acids. Research suggests that amino acids can help make wrinkles appear less saggy as the nervous system becomes relaxed. Silk also has natural chemical albumen, which speeds up the skin’s metabolism which means that the skin cells are able to grow and repair. It doesn’t absorb moisture, as well, which is beneficial when you apply creams and serums prior to the bed. Also, while cotton pillows may absorb some of the creams, using silk-lined pillowcases guarantee it’s all absorbed while you are sleeping.

This material is particularly helpful for those suffering from skin conditions like eczema. The other bedding options can aggravate skin conditions like Eczema at night by causing the skin to overheat, leaving behind a lot of moisture. However, silk is light silky, and smooth. It also allows your body to retain moisture and reduce the risk of being dry or itchy during the night.


Silk’s natural characteristics and the double-stranded fibers it has are similar to human hair, which is why the material is perfectly suited to keeping temperatures of your body cool. Silk provides a breathable, but insulating layer between your body and the temperature around you, that can help keep you cool in the summer and warm in winter.


Silk pillowcases can provide significant advantages for the health of your hair. Although silk doesn’t hold liquids, its ‘moisture-wicking’ qualities help to move excess grease and moisture out of the body. It ensures that your hair can remain dry and free of grease in the morning. The softness of the fabric is also a way to reduce the thinning hair, which can cause possible split ends. Cotton may cause friction between your head and the pillow, which leads to damaged, frazzled hair. The material’s anti-static qualities also help prevent hair from knotting.